Tennessee Scholars

The Tennessee Scholars initiative is a business-led, rewards and incentives campaign that encourages students to take more rigorous and challenging courses of study in high school. The Tennessee Scholars curriculum provides an education that better prepares students to enter universities, community colleges, technical or vocational schools, the military or the workforce. A partnership between school districts, local Chambers of Commerce and the business community, the Tennessee Scholars initiative is endorsed by the Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tennessee Business Roundtable, and many other education coalitions throughout the state. 

Students can become Tennessee Scholars by choosing to complete the Tennessee Scholar curriculum at their high schools. Applications are available from high school guidance counselors. 

Advantages to becoming a Tennessee Scholar

  • Recognition - As Tennessee Scholars, students are recognized by teachers, parents and community leaders as individuals who accept challenges and set high goals for success.
  • Choices - After graduating as Tennessee Scholars, students are better prepared to enter the workforce or to attend colleges, universities or trade schools. They have more choices available to them.
  • Better Jobs - Employers prefer to hire individuals with strong academic backgrounds and sound decision-making and critical-thinking skills to fill good, well-paying jobs.
  • College - Tennessee Scholars are stronger candidates for certain types of financial aid and scholarships. They are also better prepared for college and are less likely to need costly remedial classes while in school. Statistics show that Tennessee Scholar graduates score higher on both the ACT and SAT and have a greater chance of being accepted to the college or university of their choice.
  • Incentives - Businesses offer many incentives to scholars who stay on track during all four years of high school. Tennessee Scholars receive incentives at various stages of completion of the scholars course of study and are honored at graduation with special recognition.
  • Parents - Parents are crucial to the students' success in the scholar initiative. In the eighth grade, each student will prepare a state-recommended high school four-year plan with the help of his or her parents and counselors. Parents should work with the counselor to help their children meet Tennessee Scholars course requirements. Most importantly, a parent's encouragement and support are essential in helping a student succeed in this challenging academic program.
  • Community - The Tennessee Scholars initiative is a business-led partnership between businesses and the schools. Business professionals provide leadership and incentives for students who stay on track and who graduate on time as Tennessee Scholars.

View program requirements at TennesseeScholars.org.

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