Greene County ECD



In Greene County, Tennessee, people believe in achievement. This is a heritage filled with dreamers who became doers, pioneers who overcame impossible odds to shape a nation, innovative thinkers committed to the hard work of making things that matter. A history of manufacturing excellence has attracted famous names and new ideas. The way of life and affordable cost of living bring visitors who never leave. Education drives a skilled workforce, and the location puts Greene County at the center of everywhere you need to be.


Rich in Resources, Full of Wonder.

Rich in history and scenic beauty, Greene County has a deeply ingrained heritage of dedication to craft and quality in all things. With an advantageous location for reaching world markets, we have a broad variety of industry, and a skilled and educated workforce to support all aspects of manufacturing, from the automotive industry to the U.S. government. Large corporations, famous brands and innovative companies all come to Greene County for its wide scope of assets, from transportation to education. Visitors and residents alike enjoy the sports, outdoor activities, arts and community feel of this unique and beautiful place.

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